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Welcome to the 21st Century of Decking

NuTeak will outlast any teak decking and it will look like freshly installed teak year after year. Today’s boats utilize many advanced modern materials. Carbon fiber and fiberglass provide structural strength, Kevlar in our ropes and sails give us higher breaking strains and greater product life while stainless steel has made rust a thing of the past. Now it’s time for decking to be treated to a modern, high tech upgrade.

NuTeak Decking, Marine Decking

  •  Virtually maintenance free
  • Costs less than real Teak
  • Fully UV stabilized
  • Superb non-skid wet or dry
  • Unlike Teak, can be pressure washed
  • Comes in 2 different colors
  • Comes in Flexible or Rigid
  • Anti fungal
  • Easy to install

NuTeak synthetic decking is a superb alternative to teak decking that can be applied to almost any surface including fiberglass, steel and wood. Both materials composite structure make it impressively non-slip even when wet.

Decking materials come in Flexible or Rigid with White or Black caulking.


Color fast pigmenting and “graining” give NuTeak an authentic look. Combine this with the fact that each strip actually includes its own caulking edge and tongue and groove ends, the end result will look like something laid by a traditional craftsman.


Since NuTeak is non-porous, water, oil, and dirt does not penetrate the material. It requires no oiling, varnishing, sanding or scraping. Cleaning is simple, just use soap and water. Unlike real teak, it also can be pressure washed.


Since the material is UV stabilized and is colored throughout its thickness, it will retain its classic appearance for many years.

  • The RIGID is a wood and PVC composite material. The 2” (50mm) planks come with Black or White caulking strips.
  • The FLEXIBLE material comes in 1.77”, 2.36”, and 2.95” wide planks. They also come in double plank profiles.
  • NuTeak is a Tongue and Grove system that can be glued or welded together. NuTeak works well in all exterior applications on boats and yachts.
  • Twenty year warranty on product.